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Simple tricks to help you take even better photos

Simple tricks to help you take even better photos
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We often think that all we need to do is buy the best possible camera equipment to take great pictures. When this doesn’t work – despite the expensive camera – we are disappointed. So what should you keep in mind when taking pictures? Here are some tricks to help you create better photos.

Nowadays, the operation of social media is based primarily on the publication of photos. With this small visual form, we can convey a lot of information without using unnecessary words. So it’s no wonder that Facebook or Instagram are so popular. We love to share with others the nice moments we have captured in photos. However, we are not always satisfied with their quality. We suggest what to pay attention to in order to enjoy professional photos, and even those taken with a phone.

Clean lens

Let’s start with the basics. It might seem that they don’t matter, but it turns out that they do, and they are huge. Before we take a picture, let’s make sure our camera lens is clean. Phones and their lenses are often subject to dirt, and this translates into the quality of photos, which can come out blurry or smudged. All we need to do is regularly wipe the phone and lens with a cloth.

The right light

Photos often come out ugly because we take them in inadequate lighting, such as in the evening, in a dark room. Especially photos taken with a flash (flash) look artificial. A better solution is to take photos in natural light, during the day.


Another way to improve the quality of a photo is to turn on the tri-division grid function on your phone’s camera. The tri-partition grid is made up of two horizontal lines and two vertical lines that help frame photos. The places where the lines intersect are the so-called strong points of the frame, focusing the viewer’s attention. Interestingly, if you place the main object you want to photograph, such as a monument, in the central rectangle of the grid, the photo will be perceived as banal and boring. To create more intriguing photographs, let’s not place what we intend to capture in the center, but on the side. Let’s not be afraid to experiment – take photos from different distances and perspectives. At the same time, let’s avoid excessive hand movement. Even slight shaking makes the photos blurry. The best way is to hold the camera with both hands.

Straight horizon line

If you want to take a picture of a landscape, such as a sunset or the sea, remember to keep the horizon line straight. This is facilitated by a trihedral grid. Photos that look skewed can usually be corrected in a photo editing program, but this is not always easy, so we need to remember the principle of a straight horizon line as early as the shooting stage.

Image filters

Most people who post their beautiful photos on social media use filters. We can download special applications to our phone, with which we can quickly improve and beautify photos. If the apps seem too complicated for us, we can use filters that we can find on popular social networks. Let’s remember to use filters in moderation!

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