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What are inflatable markers and what to use them for?

What are inflatable markers and what to use them for?
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A drawing technique by which we literally blow colored pigment onto a sheet of paper. In this way we get the effect of spray, delicate dots of color. Fun perfect for home quarantine!

Inflatable markers seem to be just perfect for the time of coronavirus lockdown. Thanks to this game, not only can we creatively spend time with the child at home, but in addition we work on breathing. Spreading the pigment on the paper engages both deep inhalation and exhalation. What can we use inflatable markers for?

Inflatable markers – what does the set include?

In online stores we can choose from several sets of inflatable markers. Depending on how many colors we care about, the package usually includes: colored markers, blowpipe and several coloring books. Prices of the sets range from 25 to even 100 zł. In more extensive, and thus also more expensive sets, you will also find templates or three-dimensional figures to paint on your own.

How does it work?

Markers work in two ways. First, quite traditionally – after removing the cap we can color and draw with the regular tip of the marker. The second way requires the use of a cap with a flexible tube. The marker is placed in the tip of the cap and then blown into the mouthpiece. The ink from the marker is sprayed, which gives a very interesting visual effect. It resembles the effect we get when coloring with spray in Paint program. Depending on the intensity of blowing we get a more subtle or clearer effect

What to use inflatable markers for?

The markers will work both in the simple coloring with this technique, as well as in more complicated projects. You can start with traditional coloring books. In this case, the child will have to very carefully blow the color on the sheet, so that only the area marked with lines is colored. You can combine the technique of simple coloring with markers, for example, color the trunk of the tree in this way, and the crown itself is made with the blowing technique. Blown markers will work great as the background of the picture, the sky, water, clouds

In this technique you can also use stencils. We can use both the ones that come with the package, as well as experiment on your own. The child can prepare the stencil himself – for this purpose you need only an extra sheet of paper and scissors. You can also use other, creative elements. Fragments of lace or an old curtain, leaves, cookie cutters will work here. Just put for example a leaf on a piece of paper and blow with color along the contour. After tearing off the template we will have a beautiful outline. So prepared images can be used as an invitation to the birthday party or Christmas card with wishes for grandparents.

Inflatable markers will prove useful not only for painting the flat surface of the card. You can just as well paint paper Christmas tree ornaments, origami or geometric shapes made of paper

Why is it worth to try?

Dziecięce dłonie ubrudzone farbą
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Inflatable markers are not only innocent fun, but also a very valuable activity. It teaches patience and accuracy. It requires coordination of activities. On the one hand, the child must hold the outlet of the paint and direct it to where he wants the pigment to go. On the other hand, it is necessary to blow into the mouthpiece. Depending on the intended, target effect, the child must regulate the strength of the blown air

Inflatable markers are perfect for a gift. They will satisfy both younger and older children. It is also an idea to use for joint family fun. This creative activity is perfect for inclement weather or having to sit at home. Pandemic and the accompanying need for isolation is the perfect time to test out inflatable markers.

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