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Knitting and crochet: the basic differences

Knitting and crochet: the basic differences
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Knitting, or knitting or crocheting, is one of the oldest ways to create clothing and decorations. Today, it is a fascinating hobby that requires practice.

The two main tools, crochet and wire, can be made from the same materials – metal, wood, resin, plastic. They must be well polished so that the thread can glide over them while knitting. Each craftswoman chooses the tool that suits her best, and some use both, creating interesting projects.

Wire and crochet – the differences

Many beginner crafters can not decide which tool to choose. There is an opinion that some things can be achieved only with knitting needles, and others only with crochet. This is not entirely true, but when working with either tool, it is worth considering a few details:

  1. Structure and density. Things made with the knitting technique will be even, soft, and pliable. Using crochet makes the knitted item more dense, compact, and stretches me.
  2. Knitting method. Things knitted have a front side and a back side. The effects of working with crochet are double-sided. Crocheting requires working with only one loop, making this method easier to master. Meanwhile, when knitting, there are more loops to master, making it easier to make a mistake.
  3. Variety. Wire will be useful for creating convex patterns, while for flat details, geometric patterns and appliqué you will need crochet.
Kolorowe kłębki włóczki
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Wire – advantages and disadvantages

Wire is most suitable for making winter things, such as sweaters, scarves, hats or warm socks. The advantages of this tool are:

  • less yarn is used when knitting;
  • the front and back sides are distinct in the knit;
  • the fabric produced will be more even and airy.

Among the clear disadvantages of knitting it is necessary to point out the escaping eyelets. Due to the fact that all the loops on the wire are open, there is a good chance that you will lose one. And if this is not fixed in time, you have to dissolve part of the knitting or settle for an uneven weave. Escaping eyelets also make it difficult to transport the knitting. This is an important consideration for those who like to knit on the go.

Wire for beginners – tips

On the market you can find models of wires with different length, diameter or shape of the working end. Some of them are equipped with fuses at the ends or contain a connecting cord. For beginners, thick wires with one pointed end (i.e. one working tip) and a safety device on the other end are best.

It is also worth paying attention to the material from which the wires are made – for the beginning the best option will be aluminum products.

Another nuance is the choice of yarn. Wool, mohair or viscose are good for beginner knitters. When buying, consider the length of the yarn in one skein and the thickness of the thread.

Before starting, choose knitting patterns with detailed step-by-step technique descriptions. It’s a good idea to work on loops first, and when you feel more confident, you can try making the simplest piece of clothing – a scarf.

Szydełko i włóczki
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Crochet – advantages and disadvantages

Crochet will work well in creating skirts, bags or stylish belts, as well as napkins, pillow covers and toys. Advantages of using crochet:

  • crochet knitting is easy to carry and transport. Even if the loop falls off, you can easily find it because there is only one loop;
  • working with crochet is definitely faster, although beginners may not notice the difference;
  • making openwork patterns is easier on crochet;
  • patterns are easier to understand than knitting.

Crochet has no particular disadvantages. The downside may be that crochet knitting requires the use of more yarn.

Crochet for beginners – tips

First of all, you need to choose the right tool – ideally, its diameter will be the same as the diameter of the thread. All crochets have their own number corresponding to the diameter of the product in millimeters.

When crocheting, too, it is advisable to start by making the simplest and most understandable patterns. At the same time, inexperienced craftsmen are recommended to start the adventure with knitting just from crochet – it is more comfortable and in many ways easier to work with it.

The main thing is not to rush, do the work slowly and carefully, following the scheme, with time you can deviate from the instructions and create something really unique. But even ordinary crochet columns are enough to get beautiful things.

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