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How to make your own phone case?

How to make your own phone case?
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There are several ways to make your own phone case. For this, we can use hot glue, a bit of silicone or even cornstarch. In this article, we present some important, useful tips and ideas for your own original case.

Custom phone case – a surprisingly simple task

Being an owner of a smartphone is obvious and almost an obligation. The electronic companion of everyday life is not a cheap pleasure. Despite better and more durable materials used in production, the cell phone is still easy to damage.

A great way to protect it are special cases, but since phones come in all shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to find an accessory that will perfectly match your phone and style. With a little desire and enthusiasm we can make an original case for our device. What techniques can we use?

Silicone case

With a few inexpensive materials: sanitary construction silicone, a glass of potato or corn flour, scissors, a bowl and a pastry roller we can quickly and efficiently make an original case ourselves. In addition to a great look, the silicone cap will provide our smartphone with water resistance.

1. Creation process:

Making a silicone overlay is not at all different from kneading dough. In a bowl, we need to mix flour with silicone and water, and then patiently knead the mixture until it has a compact and uniform consistency. Once it is sufficiently elastic, it should then be rolled out

The next step is to carefully cover the phone with the “dough” and set it aside until the mixture dries. Then you just need to trace the holes for the ports, camera lens, camera, charger and buttons and cut them out with scissors

In the last step, we remove the silicone from the screen. A transparent silicone case will be ready very quickly, but there are several ways to make something more distinctive.

Preparing a case with a slightly more colorful character is nothing difficult. All you need to do is also add loose glitter to the prepared mass. In this way, the back of the phone will shine with the colors of your choice. Another method of decoration is to make additional patterns on the already rolled out silicone mass. The easiest way to do it is to use a toothpick.

After making the patterns just wait until they dry and then paint them with nail polish. Still another way to decorate is to paint the case with acrylic varnish in your favorite color and make additions using this method.

You can also use many elements to decorate the overlay. You can decide on colored paper or a photo. All you need to do is to trace the shapes of your device and cut out an insert, which you can put into the case. Of course, you should make sure that you carefully cut out the hole for the camera, charger and other ports.

In an analogous way, you will also be able to decide to decorate the case with a motif that will be printed from a wallpaper set on your smartphone. You will be able to print it, cut it to the size of your device and then insert it into the case.

As you can see, making your own case is no challenge, but hundreds of possibilities. It’s definitely worth trying and letting your artistic imagination run wild.

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