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How to sew a summer dress without a pattern?

How to sew a summer dress without a pattern?
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Would you like to own a beautiful and original summer dress, but there is nothing interesting in any store and all clothes look the same? Then sew a dress yourself!

Self-sewn clothes are a guarantee of originality, uniqueness and comfort. With a few tools and materials you can express yourself and your style, and shine in a light, colorful and unique dress. And even if you don’t want to tire yourself with blanks, you can create something simple but stunning without them. Here are our tips and some variations.

How to choose the fabric?

First of all, choose the right fabric. Recommended is a material that “breathes” – with cotton in the composition, with synthetic fibers. Such a dress will stretch well and will not wrinkle. The best choice is an elastic knit fabric. In addition, the dress will be comfortable to wear and take off.

The dress will be as simple as possible, so for a better effect, choose bright fabrics with interesting and rich print – it can be floral, flower, animal motifs, geometric patterns, colorful drawings, etc. To cope without a pattern, use some ready-made dress or blouse. Based on their outlines you will create a new garment.

If you are planning to make a new dress out of a non-stretch fabric, then the template dress should also be like that. If you are not skilled, avoid creating a design with zippers because sewing them in can be difficult for beginners.

When buying fabric, remember to consider your measurements and the length of your planned dress – this will help you choose the right and sufficient amount of fabric. Since mistakes can happen when sewing, buy fabric with a slight allowance. Also take into account possible sleeves, pockets and other elements.

Letnia sukienka odsłaniająca nogę
(Photo by Tamara Bellis / Unsplash)

The simplest dress – step by step

1. First, iron the fabric with a hot iron with steam. Also, look for a t-shirt (or dress) that best fits your figure.

2. Fold the fabric in half along the dividing line, creating two layers. Place the t-shirt (or dress) on top of them and carefully outline with chalk for convenience. Of course, you need to work on the inside (left) side of the fabric.

3. Now, based on the stenciled garment, cut out the appropriate shapes from the fabric. In this way, you will get the front and back of the future dress. It is not a problem if you want to make your new dress a little bigger or looser. Just take that into consideration when cutting.

Remember, it is important to leave 1-1.5 inches of excess fabric around the entire outline.

4. Cut the opening for the head, as well as the neckline of the desired depth and shape. Mark the armholes.

You can use pins to hold the layers of fabric in position.

5. Sew the two layers together on the sides and arms. Leave the bottom, as well as the armholes and head open.

6. Now it is time for the waist. Even a standard elastic clothing band will do. Measure your waist measurements and mark them on the fabric in the appropriate place. Prepare a strip of elastic of the desired length.

Choose a length so that the dress is not too tight at the waist, but also so that the fabric is not too loose.

7. Sew the elastic on the inside. The fabric will gather into folds at the waist.

8. Do not forget to finish the hem, sleeves and neck on the machine – this will make the dress look neat and the fabric will not fray.

9. Finally, you can sew on pockets, collar, decorative elements – ribbons, buttons, fabric flowers, beads, etc.

Długa letnia sukienka do kostek
(photo: Hannah Skelly / Unsplash)

Long summer dress

1. Prepare a length of fabric twice your height and a nice ribbon for a belt.

2. Lay the fabric out on the floor and mark the center with a line using chalk.

3. In the middle of the line, outline a hole for your head. Cut it out and fold the fabric over itself.

4. Think about how deep you want to make the neckline. Mark it with the chalk, then lay the fabric out on the floor again and make a cutout all the way to the mark.

5. Lay the fabric over itself again. Pin it at the shoulders with pins.

6. Match the ribbon on the outside – pin it together or sew it right away.

7. Sew all sides together. Sew up the shoulders. Sew on sleeves and additional and decorative elements, if necessary.

Greek style dress

The Greek style dress is also a great option for those who don’t want to use die cuts. For this simple but spectacular outfit, choose a lightweight and floaty fabric like silk, satin, muslin, velvet, jersey or a thin knit. You will need about 3 meters of fabric.

Ideally, you’ll want to choose a fabric that doesn’t fray at the cutting point – this will help you save time working on the edges.

The easiest way to make a dress from such a fabric is to wrap it around your body, pin it at the shoulders with pins, and sew it together in the right places.

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