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What home decorations can you sew yourself?

What home decorations can you sew yourself?
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A house without decorations is empty, no one needs to be reminded of that. Although other things seem to be the most important, such as furniture or appropriate appliances, it is the decorations that make you give your place an individual character and convey your own personality. Making your own decorations is not only a way to liven up your home and make it more “yours”, but also a great hobby that you can quickly become addicted to.

How to decorate your home?

Certainly, when thinking about making your own decorations for your home, you will easily give at least a few possibilities to introduce interesting motifs. Forms such as decoupage or scrapbooking do not go out of fashion, combining beautiful decorative elements with practical ones that you have at home anyway. Custom cards, flower pots or decorative boxes are just some of the ways you can make your home look even more decorative. Pull out your sewing machine today, and if you don’t have your first machine yet, Minerva sewing machines are great for starting your sewing adventure.

Big caliber decorations

Probably many times when entering a new room, the first thing that caught your eye was what had the largest size or was in the central location. When it comes to bedrooms and living rooms, your eyes will surely rest in two places first. These will be the windows and the bed or couch. If you plan on sewing large decorations, focus on these two objects. Sites such as Pinterest offer lots of ideas and tutorials on how to make curtains or throws

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Where is the decisive advantage of such sewn by yourself, over those straight from the store shelf? First of all, you can be sure that no one will have exactly the same ones! It is you who choose the material of which your curtains will be made and the form of their decoration. Thanks to that the room you are decorating will not only gain an individual character, but it will also be much easier for you to match the curtain material to the style and color scheme of the room, than to choose ready-made curtains or bedspreads, which will not only match, but also fit your taste in their aesthetics one hundred percent

And last but not least, there’s the argument that not all windows and beds are the same! If you make curtains or bedspreads to measure, it’s much easier to make them fit a big bed or an unusual window, such as a floor-to-ceiling one. Janome sewing machines are suitable for special tasks and thanks to their simple operation, they’re perfect even for beginners.

Practical and beautiful

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If for various reasons you do not want to decide to sew yourself larger decorations for your home, you can start with interesting ideas for such medium-sized ones. Intuitive Brother sewing machines will work just fine for beginners. There is nothing to stop you from decorating your interior with hand sewn pillowcases. Shopping in the store limits you to the choice of specific colors, patterns and models, if you do it at home, you can choose any material and find the most suitable cut, you are limited only by your imagination! If you approach the subject with an open mind, you’ll quickly get down to more projects, because there’s no denying, sewing your own home decorations is incredibly addictive. The possibilities are endless, from a TV remote control organiser to chair covers and even small plush Christmas decorations

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