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Original greeting cards – how to make them?

Original greeting cards – how to make them?
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Nothing conveys emotion like a handmade gift. Greeting cards are available in every bookstore, kiosk and discount store, but they often have an inappropriate or kitschy design, and the greetings written inside are impersonal and often contain mistakes. By personally creating a card for a friend’s birthday or Mother’s Day, you can relate to their passions, interests or personality. Here are some ideas on how to make an original card for any occasion

Impressive and easy to make birthday card

If you doubt your artistic skills or don’t have much time to make a card, we have a very simple but effective proposal for you. On the base of a stiff piece of technical paper paste a colourful, abstract pattern. Let your imagination run wild and put on the paper all the colors of the rainbow! Stick small, irregularly torn pieces of paper onto the card in a random way to make it look like it’s completely covered in confetti. When you’re done taping out the background, in a free word processor, look for a nice font that matches the whole thing and write what you want to include on the front of your laurel. It can be a simple “Andrew’s Thirtieth Birthday” or some funny slogan like “Happy Birthday, Bull!”, choose what you think is more appropriate. Print out the wording on your laser printer, then transfer the text to clear sticky tape. Dip the tape in water and wipe the soaked paper off the tape, so that only the print remains on it. Stick the prepared label on the background and you are done! You only need to write your wishes by hand and you can go to the party

Embroidered card

This is a proposition for those who like challenges and handicrafts. You can embroider a design for a card for a loved one by yourself on canvas. Embroidery is a very calming activity, which allows you to calm down and focus on just one simple activity. On the Internet you can buy bases for embroidered cards, which will make your task a little easier. For beginners, cross-stitch will be the easiest. As the name suggests, it involves filling in space by stitching crosses on fabric or canvas. This project can be time-consuming and expensive, as you’ll need to purchase embroidery accessories and tools, such as mouliné, appropriate needles and canvas, which will make your work much easier. It may take a few weeks to make the card but the person you are going to give it to will surely be touched and will appreciate your efforts

A card made by children

The best gift for parents or grandparents will be a card made by the youngest members of the family. Again, the base should be a sheet of technical paper. On it, help the kids to imprint their hands painted with paint – such a card front is very personal and heart-warming. In the middle write short wishes and let the kids fill in the rest. Their drawings, non-ideal signatures and, above all, the feeling they put into their works, will express more than the longest bundle of wishes. This is a perfect gift for the day of mom, dad, grandma or grandpa, but also for a birthday or name day. Such a card will be a souvenir for years and will always evoke warm memories

Ideas for hand-made greeting cards are really a lot. Many of them are simple gifts, but from the heart. Self-created card shows the gifted person, that he or she really means a lot to you and, to express it, you need more than wishes written in every card from the kiosk. By referencing the person’s qualities or your airtight jokes, you are sure to touch the birthday person and give them proof of your friendship or love

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