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Make yourself a painting, or painting by numbers even for amateurs!

Make yourself a painting, or painting by numbers even for amateurs!
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Do you dream of creating your own artwork, but don’t know how to combine colors? Don’t know how to sketch an outline? You have no idea about shading? No problem! Painting by numbers will make you a real artist.

Art for beginners. Unleash your talent with painting by numbers!

What associations does the term painting by numbers bring up when we first hear it? Most often we recall children’s coloring books with uncomplicated patterns. Large clear fields with a few numbers. In one word it was an activity for the youngest, which was supposed to practice precision of coloring (without crossing the lines), teach names of basic colors and numbers. Coloring books for adults have long taken this simple game to a higher level. But manufacturers have taken it a step further, creating an even more advanced pastime for adult art enthusiasts – painting by numbers.

Are you sure this will work?

Both in stationary and online stores you will find ready-made sets for painting by numbers. What does the term ready-made set mean? We receive from the producer everything that we will need to create a painting from A to Z by ourselves. In the package you will find: a sketch on a canvas (often already stretched on the frame), a set of paints and a set of brushes. Depending on the manufacturer, sets vary in price, quality and content, but even the cheapest sets include products needed to create a painting we bought. If we want, we can opt for a set with better quality paints or brushes, or one that includes additional gadgets such as a cup for water to rinse brushes, or hooks for mounting on the wall. Prices for kits also vary depending on the size of the painting. Choosing the size and shape, as well as the horizontal or vertical orientation of the canvas depends only on our taste and needs.

Be the Monet in your home

Painting by numbers is a fabulously simple activity. The sketch of the painting is divided into smaller boxes marked with numbers. The same numbers can be found on the lids of paint jars. Brushes on and get to work! The most difficult task seems to be choosing the image that we want to paint. There are many patterns, sizes and colors available on the market. From still life, through landscapes, animal motifs, portraits, to abstractions. From multicolored motifs to monochromatic paintings. If we are going to paint “for the closet”, then the choice of canvas can be random – let’s choose what we like at the moment. However, if we plan to decorate the apartment with our works, then you need to think more carefully about the purchase. Let’s think about what colors will match the interior, what size of canvas will be suitable for our walls and whether we want to hang the works of art next to each other. It’s worth thinking about those issues before buying your first paintings.

Art therapy at home

Stress is the bane of 21st century people and fighting it can and should be done in many ways. One of them is art therapy, that is treatment with art, treatment through the possibility of artistic expression. Painting by numbers definitely belongs to such activities. It is a deeply relaxing activity, allowing us to completely unwind and focus our thoughts on something completely different than home duties or work. Painting gives us space to express ourselves, calm down, and even quietly think about some issues

Painting by numbers can be a great introduction to learning how to paint on our own. With this technique we can train our hand, learn how to work on canvas, with professional paints, as well as with colors and shapes. Perhaps through such exercises we will be able to create a completely original painting in the future. Moreover, the works of art created by us can be a beautiful decoration of the apartment. Looking for a gift for creative people or those who definitely need to relax, it is worth thinking about a set for painting by numbers

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