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Jewelry packaging – not just a casket!

Jewelry packaging – not just a casket!
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Wooden, plastic or bamboo jewelry boxes are just some of the options available. On the market you will also find tasteful, durable and elegant cardboard boxes for valuables.

The quality, finish and appearance of paper packaging has changed dramatically over the years, definitely to their advantage. Cardboard boxes can successfully compete with the classic jewelry boxes. This solution is gaining popularity. Not only among craftsmen, but also manufacturers of exclusive jewelry.

Paper jewelry boxes

Paper jewelry packaging has many advantages. First of all they are cheaper to produce than caskets made of wood, bamboo, glass or plastic. They are also cheaper to transport and are less likely to be damaged. These advantages add up to a much better purchase price than traditional caskets.

Paper jewelry boxes are ecological. We can create them from recycled paper. Moreover, such packaging is completely biodegradable. It decomposes quickly and does not pollute the environment.

Caskets made of paper are much lighter than their wooden prototypes. This reduces transportation costs and minimizes the carbon footprint. Plus, if you choose to buy from a local company, you’ll show even more of an environmental commitment.

Paper jewelry packaging can be left unprinted on the outside. This is a more environmentally friendly version. We can also choose to use color or black and white printing. The third option is to cover the package with decorative foil. The material will decorate the paper casket, and at the same time will be a protective layer.

Product boxes with a lid

Product box with a lid is an elegant and convenient packaging for jewelry. We can successfully present a watch, necklace or earrings in it. The bottom of the box can be lined with appropriate material – sponge, foam or additional stiffening. Thanks to such protection the jewelry will not move uncontrollably.

Box closed with a magnet

Another group of very elegant jewelry packaging are boxes with magnets. This solution is modern, convenient and stylish. Thanks to unusual construction and comfortable closing the box will be used by customer for many years. Box closed with a magnet will prove itself as a casket for even the most exclusive jewelry. Without a doubt you can use it as a gift packaging.

Pull-out boxes

Another alternative to traditional caskets are pull-out boxes. Simple and elegant, in a classic style. Thanks to the construction of the box we get a convenient drawer, in which pendants, chains and earrings will look great. The packaging is convenient and safe. There is practically no possibility of it opening by itself. This makes it a casket that will be perfect for travelling.

Non-standard packaging

Paper packaging manufacturers also offer the opportunity to create original custom caskets. One idea is an exploding box style casket. This solution, popularly used as an occasional card, can be transferred to the ground of jewelry packaging. Such a casket will surprise the customer and will be a unique and original gift packaging.

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