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How to sew a skirt and what cut to choose to start with?

How to sew a skirt and what cut to choose to start with?
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After starting the adventure with tailoring the question arises: what to choose for our first independent project? Pants, dresses or blouses are already definitely a higher league, so at the beginning it is worth deciding on another female hit – a skirt.

Recently, when it was so difficult to find other activities and attractions, and TV series on streaming platforms no longer entertain us, many people became interested in handicrafts and bet on discovering new talents in themselves. Thus, home sewing has also returned to favor.

In order not to jump headlong into the sun, at the beginning it is good to choose a part of clothing, which is not overly demanding technically, and will make us enthusiasm even more. Therefore, a comfortable and elegant skirt can be a hit. In this article, we present some timeless styles and tell you how to turn your tailor’s plan into reality.

The circle skirt

One of the most coveted and incredibly girly cuts is the circle skirt. It looks great with almost any accessory, highlights the waist perfectly and is a phenomenal, comfortable choice for summer. Importantly, this type of cut is also one of the easiest forms we can get behind

We start by measuring our waist circumference, which will be used to calculate the radius of the circle for the cut. To avoid mathematical struggles, we can easily use tables found online. If you plan to sew a skirt with elastic, remember to add about 4 cm to your measurement, so that you can easily pull the garment over your hips. We can make our creation from a whole circle, half or another cutout – in all cases the process itself looks exactly the same.

Key stages:

  1. Folding the fabric – the final shape of the skirt depends on it. The material is folded in half twice and in this way we get four layers with one common corner;
  2. tracing the form – at this stage we take the predetermined radius of the circle and apply it to the material in the form of two arcs;
  3. cutting out the skirt;
  4. sewing a belt and a zipper – at the very top, on the left side of the material, we sew in a belt equal to the length of waist circumference, increased by about 2 cm of overlap. On the back seam, in turn, place a zipper;
  5. aligning the bottom – the last stage that requires some patience. When the skirt hangs for a while, it begins to take its final shape. Only then mark the desired length with pins, including the overlap, cut off the excess and trim the edges.

Pencil skirt

An absolute must-have for every elegant woman. Thanks to its lean form it slenderizes the figure, adds spunk and sex appeal. Sewing a pencil skirt is also not a difficult task, but in the planning phase you need to think about the type of material used – if it will be stiff, it is worth taking care of the additional opening to facilitate movement

The first stage of implementation is cutting out elements on the basis of ready paper templates, which we can find in the professional press or on the Internet. The next step is preparing the belt and zipper for sewing

The former – just like before – should be equal to the circumference of the waist plus a margin. Once they are in place, all that remains is the final finishing touches, namely double-tucking the bottom of the skirt, stitching it with a straight stitch and then ironing all the overlaps.

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