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How to make your own wrapping paper?

How to make your own wrapping paper?
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Creating your own wrapping paper is a great way to make a gift more attractive. The preparation process itself is simple, and essentially only requires applying designs with paint to a piece of paper large enough to wrap a gift.

However, if painting and drawing is not your forte, there are many other decorative options – ribbons, colored adhesive tape, foam stamps, stickers and more. Once you have mastered the basic techniques, you can create any unique designs you want!

The basics – what do you need?

You can, of course, use purchased wrapping paper, but a more creative and original idea will be to use what you happen to have at home. For the base of your wrapping paper you can take:

  • old newspapers;
  • printed photocopy paper;
  • sheets from old books (if they are very damaged);
  • baking paper.

In the case of photocopy paper, you must remember that it is quite stiff and it is worth softening it before packing. How to do it? Simply crumple it and unfold it a few times, and then carefully iron it with a slightly heated iron. You can do this after decorating the paper if you intend to paint it only. However, if you plan to use such decorations as colored tape or stickers, it is better to soften the paper first, and then decorate it.

Decorations – how and with what to decorate the paper?

Here the possibilities are almost endless. You can paint the paper in any patterns with ordinary paints or metallic paints, using a brush, foam stamps or a sponge. However, if you lack the ability and the patterns come out rather grubby, try a more creative approach and use:

  • colorful adhesive tapes, ribbons and strings;
  • dried and fresh leaves and flowers, as well as twigs;
  • buttons and beads;
  • sequins and glitter.

Decorations on paper do not have to be flat at all. Once you have wrapped the gift, too, you can add more raised decorations to it.

Colorful wrapping paper from napkins

You can create a very aesthetic and unique paper with the help of decoupage napkins, which have unusual patterns and colors. In addition to them, you need:

  • sheets of paper, preferably white;
  • food wrap;
  • sharp scissors or a wallpaper cutter;
  • an ironing board (or other comfortable and flat surface);
  • old newspapers;
  • iron.

Take a colored napkin of your choice – they are usually three-layered, so carefully separate the layer with the drawing. Protect the surface of the ironing board with old newspapers or other unnecessary waste paper. Then place a clean and even sheet of white paper on it.

Cover the sheet of paper carefully with cling film, trying to smooth out all the creases and folds formed on its surface. Trim the foil so that it is equal to the size of the sheet of paper. Place the napkin with the pattern upwards on the whole thing.

Now turn on the iron and carefully iron the napkin, paying special attention to the edges. Wait a while for the paper to cool down and flip it over. With sharp scissors or a knife, cut off the excess napkin along the edge of the sheet.

Thus, you have obtained a sheet of thick and patterned wrapping paper. It remains for you to choose a gift, wrap it and give it to your loved one.

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