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First steps with footwear customization. What should be kept in mind?

First steps with footwear customization. What should be kept in mind?
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How to personalize your shoes? How to give it a unique character and make it stand out? Find out what customization is and how to do it!

Customization (in English) literally means adjusting. So what is customization in the context of footwear? The answer is simple: in adjusting its appearance to our individual preferences. We decorate our shoes with paintings, drawings and other creative touches.

Footwear customization

Particularly at the stage of teenage life, many of us identified with some subculture. Surely we remember sneakers painted with a marker, safety pins stuck in our converses or neon laces in our glans. These are all elements of footwear personalization. Many of us have already done it, but had no idea that this phenomenon has its own separate definition.

Shoe customization is, in fact, a set of all actions aimed at modifying the purchased shoes, changing their external appearance. The simplest method is to change the laces. Just the choice of color other than that suggested by the manufacturer, can change the character of the shoe. However, not only the color of shoelaces, but also the way of putting them into holes and tying them are personalizing elements. Laces can also be replaced with string, thong or ribbon.

Personalized wedding shoes

One of the ideas for customizing shoes is the use of inscriptions on the soles. This fashion has especially won the hearts of newlyweds. Subtle inscriptions, funny phrases, names of spouses or wedding date. All this can be written or drawn on the sole with a simple marker.

The second option is to stick previously prepared stickers on the soles. In the most expensive version, you can order engraving. Such personalized shoes will look great in photos and during the ceremony, for example, when the bride and groom kneel in the church.

Do it yourself, or customization seriously

One of the ways of elegant personalization of shoes is sewing or sticking decorations with hot glue. Such a solution will be suitable both for everyday outfits and big events. Thanks to this method we can rescue slightly damaged stilettos or ballet shoes. It is enough to stick a big bow, a flower or a butterfly on the nose of shoes. Thanks to this we can hide the worn nose and prolong the life of our favorite stilettos. You can also prepare your own original sneakers, which will be the changing shoes at the wedding. After a few hours in heels, every woman is relieved to wear flat shoes. We can buy the cheapest sneakers and sew beads on them. In this way we will get unique, cheap and comfortable shoes for dancing.

You can sew patches, fabric scraps or lace to your shoes. You can buy glitter spray and make the shoes have a mermaid effect – they shimmer in the sun. If you are styling sneakers made of fabric, you can either iron a pattern into them or embroider a design on them directly. With just a little interference, the shoes will take on a different expression.

You can make shoe customization a passion or even a profession. If you stock up on professional shoe paints and gain some skill, you can create almost works of art. Apart from paint, you will also need a degreaser, a base for the paint and a protective varnish. A bit of knowledge will also come in handy. First, it is important to determine what the shoe is made of – whether it is leather or synthetic material. The type of agents with which we will treat the footwear depends on this. Such a match will ensure the durability of the painting. In the first step, shoes should be thoroughly washed (if they were used) and degreased. In the case of painting new shoes, it is enough to degrease them properly. The next step is to apply paint. After the paint dries, the whole thing should be protected with a dedicated preparation.

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