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Shaker box decoration. What makes it different?

Shaker box decoration. What makes it different?
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Shaker box decorations have become very trendy among people who like DIY work. How to make a simple shaker box?

What is a shaker box?

Shaker box decorations have become more and more popular in scrapbooking. You can usually find them on various holiday cards or as a decoration for boxes, for example for storing jewelry.

In scrapbooking a shaker box is a box, container, frame filled with various decorative elements such as sequins, glitter, colorful beads. When a shaker box is used on a card, it is referred to as a shaker card. To make it look impressive, it should have a glass of thick foil.

Making a shaker box card step by step

Making a card with a shaker box is not difficult at all, you do not need to have great manual skills. You will need only time and willingness. A card with such a decoration will work great as a wedding card or a card to celebrate a child’s day.

To make the shaker box card you will need:

  • stiff paper for the card base, preferably 200 to 240 gsm,
  • stiff paper for the shaker box frame, preferably 200 to 240 gsm,
  • stamping block and stamps or stickers,
  • stiff foil (the best is the one used for binding),
  • double-sided foam to create a distance between the elements and the glass – you can buy it in paper stores.

Step by step execution:

  1. First you need to make a picture that will be placed “behind the glass”. To do this you need to stamp and then color the chosen motif. You can also glue a ready-made motif or make a picture using the decoupage method.
  2. The cardboard box with the picture, foil and cardboard for the frame should be cut to the punch (you can buy it in any paper store). In the cardboard box for the frame you should additionally cut out a smaller hole for the window. If you don’t have a die-cutter, use a ruler and pencil to mark out the frame, which you will cut with a wallpaper cutter.
  3. Flip the frame over and use glue on the back of the frame to glue the glass to the frame.
  4. Glue a foam spacer over the glass. You need to do this very carefully so that none of the small pieces fall out.
  5. Fill the window with moving parts such as beads and sequins.
  6. Close the window by gluing a cardboard box with a picture to the foam spacer.
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