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Picture paints – learn about the types, similarities and differences

Picture paints – learn about the types, similarities and differences
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The right paints are a very important part of any painting. The final result largely depends on them. Read this text if you are taking your first steps in painting

Acrylic paints

Pędzle z gęstą farbą
(Photo: Anna Kolosyuk / Unsplash)

A universal type of paints are acrylic ones. You can use them to paint on different surfaces. They are used on classical materials, for example, on canvases or paper. They are also used in creating on wood, stone, metal or even plastic. It is a new alternative to oil painting. Acrylic paints can be safely used even by children. They have a creamy consistency and are non-toxic. This makes them similar to oil paints. However, they are slightly cheaper. Therefore, they work better for beginners. They come in vivid and intense colors. Moreover, they cover well, they are also waterproof and quick-drying. If you add a bit of water to them, you can create paintings resembling those done with watercolors

Acrylics are also available in very thick consistency. Then they allow you to create a variety of textures. You can add different products to them, which affect, for example, their finish. They allow for a lot of creativity and experimentation with color. If you decide to buy acrylic paints, choose good quality ones. It is worth buying the ones from well-known and respected brands. Then you can be sure that they will be well pigmented and comfortable to use. They are sold in various forms, such as tubes, jars, sprays or bottles with a precise tip.


One of the most popular painting techniques is watercolor. A Polish painter who used it, for example, was Julian Fałat. Other famous watercolorists are Juliusz Kossak, Rafał Malczewski or Jan Stanisławski. This technique is often used to paint portraits, or landscapes. Watercolor paintings give the impression of delicacy, subtlety, and sometimes even mystery. These works are light and unique

Malowanie akwarelami
(Photo: REGINE THOLEN / Unsplash)

Water-based paints are used for this method. They have low opacity and are created by layering thin layers on top of each other. This is quite a difficult process and requires some skill. Watercolors are diluted with plenty of water before painting. They are mainly used for painting on paper. The main difference between acrylic and oil paints is the surface to be created and the consistency. Watercolor paints also dry in a fairly quick time. So it is necessary to handle them skillfully. However, they give great satisfaction. You can use them, combining with other painting techniques. Then they give even more interesting effects

Oil paints

Oil pain ts are characterized by smooth and thick consistency. They are usually used by professionals. Their properties affect the considerable price. However, this is one of the most popular paints. They give a lot of possibilities. They are versatile and extremely flexible. Perfectly cover the surface of the material on which you paint. They also allow for efficient application of corrections and adding subsequent layers. Most often they can be found in the form placed in the tube

Before trying them out, it is a good idea to learn the basics of using these paints. Then it will become easy and pleasant. They also have a very strong pigment. The big downside is the long drying time, which you just have to get used to. Oil paints are very durable and can last in good condition for many years. Oil painting is one of the oldest techniques in the world. It offers great creative possibilities. For this reason, it is so common

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