How to pack?

How to wrap gifts?

How to wrap gifts?
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Gifts – who doesn’t love them? We love both giving and receiving them. But not everyone knows how to wrap them properly. Can you?

Where to start

Start by choosing the right packaging. Gift boxes come in a variety of sizes so choose one that fits tightly around your gift. Especially if the contents are valuable, make sure that any empty space between the item inside and the box is well filled. You can use scraps of gray paper, bubble wrap, paper towel or Styrofoam for this. Any material that will cushion a possible fall will do.

If your gift is extremely small or has non-standard dimensions, bubble envelopes will be a better choice. You can hide a diary or small jewelry like earrings or a ring in them.

What will you need?

Of course, decorative wrapping paper, as well as scissors and tape. Aside from these basic items, you really only need what you plan to use for packing. This can include colorful stickers, already-made bows, or satin ribbons. If you don’t want to use regular clear tape, have some washi tape ready.

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Let the packing begin

First, make sure your gift has no visible tags or damage. Then, measure how much gift paper you need. You can help yourself with the calculations by drawing out the dimensions of the box. Simply place the box on a piece of paper and use a pencil to mark double the length and width of the walls.

Once you have a large enough sheet prepared, place it on a clean, flat surface. If you don’t see yourself cleaning up a messy table quickly, use a piece of floor.

Place the prepared box in the middle of the sheet so that its walls are parallel to the edges of the paper. Grab the longer piece of tinsel and wrap it around the box, then tape it shut. Repeat this process with the other side.

You should have two shorter ends of the sheet left that haven’t been wrapped yet. Pinch one to the box so that its edges form a triangle. Stretch it out and pinch any imperfections. Grab the triangular edges and press them to the box, then secure with tape. Done!

What if we have a piece of paper that’s too small?

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Perhaps you don’t have any more rolls to use, or maybe you just want to save decorative paper, which can be expensive. The reasons don’t matter. If the sheet of paper you cut out turned out to be too small for the size of your box, there’s a method!

Position the box in the middle of the cut piece not parallel, but diagonally. The sheet under the box should look like a diamond, not a rectangle. Grab the larger side of the paper and wrap it around the box. Don’t worry about it being triangular in shape and not covering the edges of the box. No DIY project looks good until the very end of the process.

Secure the wrapped piece with tape. This time, grab the smaller side and pull it towards the box so that its edge sits parallel to the edge of the gift. Tape this piece and do the same with the other smaller angle of the sheet. Now all you have to do is wrap the rest of the paper around the box and your gift is ready.

How to decorate the box?

Any way you want! A simple ribbon and bow is standard, but nothing really limits you. Small origami pieces look beautiful, especially if they are made from the same paper that was used for packaging. They then give the impression that they were created as a result of the whole process, rather than being tacked on later as separate decorations.

What then, when you realize you don’t have a ribbon? Use colored washi tape to create the appearance that the box has been wrapped. You can buy it in all sorts of patterns and colors and, more importantly, you can easily peel it off the paper without damaging it. If you want the recipient to be able to keep the wrapping after the gift, washi tape is also a better choice for securing the paper than regular transparent tape.

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