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Don’t throw it away! How to resuscitate old nail polish?

Don’t throw it away! How to resuscitate old nail polish?
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Nail polish is one of those cosmetics, which under proper storage conditions can serve us several years.

It so happens, however, that after a few weeks or months the polish thickens, dries, delaminates, and after applying on the nail peels off and falls off. Most people in such a situation will throw away the broken cosmetic and buy a new one. Meanwhile, there are several ways to restore the varnish, which has lost its properties

Rules for storing nail polish

Since prevention is better than cure, let’s start with what conditions are best for the life of varnish. There are several rules to follow:

1. Bottles should stand upright in a dark and cool place, away from the heater. Do not let the UV rays fall on the bottles, as this will cause the pigment to fade over time. Do not keep your nail polish in the fridge as this will cause it to thicken and do not store it in the bathroom where it will be affected by temperature and humidity fluctuations.

2. Varnish should be tightly closed, because in addition to sunlight, oxygen is also a “killer” for it. If it penetrates the bottle, the varnish will thicken faster and oxidize. The neck should be regularly wiped with remover and when painting nails, make sure that the varnish is not left open for a long time. An interesting trick is also blowing into the bottles – carbon dioxide takes the place of oxygen inside and thanks to this polish won’t dry out so quickly.

3. Do not disturb the consistency of the polish by shaking the bottle before each use. It is better to rub it in your hands for a while or buy polish with metal balls inside – their task is to keep the consistency and color of polish for a long time.

How to restore polish to “life”?

There are several proven methods of restoring polish:

  • in drugstores you can buy special liquid to dilute thickened varnish. Just pour a few drops into the bottle and you can enjoy your favorite polish again, even for another month. The diluting formula itself is very economical and lasts for a long time;
  • micellar water is also helpful: pour 10 drops (or a teaspoon) of the liquid into the varnish, mix with a brush and after 15 minutes you can paint your nails normally. It is important that the liquid does not contain oils;
  • a short-term effect can be achieved by putting the polish bottle in a cup of hot water for a few minutes. The varnish thins, but temporarily.

Some people believe that acetone is the solution and it is hard to argue with that, because dried varnish does indeed thin, but it will not keep its full properties. Moreover, acetone is harmful to the nail plate.

Extending the life of nail polish

If you want to enjoy a beautiful manicure longer, you need to take care of two things: proper care of your nails before painting and proper application of polish.

First, clean the nail plate thoroughly, smooth out unevenness, remove cuticles and residues from previous painting. The polish will adhere better to a smooth and dry surface and will stay on it longer. Additionally, before applying the proper color, paint your nails with a colorless base coat and leave for 15 minutes.

Two coats of the actual polish should be enough – more may result in chipping. When applying the first coat, do it slowly and carefully, and let it dry before applying the second coat. Finally, paint a clear protective coat over your nails. If your nails take longer than a quarter of an hour to dry, it’s a sign that you’ve applied too much polish.

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