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Breakfast of champions. How to make perfect scrambled eggs?

Breakfast of champions. How to make perfect scrambled eggs?
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Scrambled eggs are an absolute classic when it comes to breakfast. For many people it is also the first dish they have prepared themselves

Scrambled eggs are a bit like vegetable salad or stuffed cabbage rolls – recipe is the same but in every home it tastes completely different. So some people fry scrambled eggs in butter, others in lard and still others in… milk (really!). Some people can’t imagine it without onion, some without bacon, while another group considers any additions a profanation of this dish

So I won’t insist on saying that we have the best recipe and tricks. Just try making some changes in your cooking and see how they work out for your taste buds.

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Scrambled eggs from a new perspective

  • Change the order! Crack the eggs into the pan, and only then add the butter. This will give your scrambled eggs a nice, smooth texture.
  • Don’t crack the eggs into a bowl and stir them outside the pan. This way, the yolk and white will curdle at an even rate
  • Constantly stir the scrambled eggs. This will help you avoid chunks of overcooked eggs.
  • Add your spices at the very end! Whether you use just the basic ones (like salt and pepper) or you’re planning on something extra, use it only before you plate the dish.
  • You can also add half a tablespoon of cream to the finished scrambled eggs (or so says master Gordon Ramsay himself).
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